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It is estimated that only one in four South Africans suffering from a mental illness or disorder will receive some form of care. This means that most people who need mental health care services will not get the help they require. In South Africa, some barriers that make it difficult for people to access these services include the stigma of asking for help, long waiting times at local clinics and the high cost of private support. As a low-cost service, The Counselling Hub positions itself as an affordable choice for individuals and families looking to access basic mental health care services.

Our goals

Provide Increased Access


We are centrally located in Woodstock and service nearby areas, including Zonnebloem, Salt River and Observatory. We also encourage and welcome organisations to refer their clients to the Counselling Hub - a diverse centre for learning that aims to create a space for individuals and families to access mental health services.

Offer Onsite and Remote counselling

The Counselling Hub also aims to bring the skills of volunteers, students in training, and professionals to the centre to provide quality counselling, supervision and mental health resources. We will also conduct research to deliver evidence-based interventions and to examine how awareness of community-level mental health programmes can be increased.

Build Our Partnerships

The Counselling Hub is a project of the SACAP Foundation in partnership with the Kaplan Kushlik Educational Trust. These partners share the vision to deliver accessible and affordable mental health services supporting functional and capable individuals who can contribute positively to their families and communities. We aim to address issues of access and affordability, which we will do by delivering low-cost mental health services in a community setting.
By focusing on accessibility and affordability, the Counselling Hub hopes to address the social determinants of mental health shaped by socioeconomic factors. The SACAP Foundation is a non-profit entity that aims to enhance and enable improved mental health services in South Africa. The foundation strives to be a positive force for change towards social justice. It aims to reduce the gap between mental health service needs and available quality provision in disadvantaged and marginalised communities.




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