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Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love serves nutritious food to children and families in the Western Cape and Gauteng. It empowers food entrepreneurs and supports farmers, community kitchens, schools, shelters, and social enterprises.

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Obs Pasta Kitchen

Founded in September 2017, Obs Pasta Kitchen is a volunteer-run weekly community sitdown meal based in Observatory, Cape Town, that offers a delicious warm plate of pasta ( and often some special extras) in a safe space and a meaningful conversation surrounded by love, support and friendship on Wednesdays between 4:30 pm and 6 pm. They also share life skills and healthy ways of dealing with stress with guests, including persons without homes or employment.

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Oude Molen Garden

The Oude Molen Food Garden is an urban agricultural project in Oude Molen Eco Village in Pinelands, Cape Town, focusing on education and empowerment and utilising self-sustainable urban farming methods based on permaculture principles. A collective with 20 passionate allotment holders from all walks of life, it offers programmes for individuals and groups, including school students participating in community service. With monthly markets, regular events, and programmes for the public, the space also has an organic nursery with visitors always welcome and ample opportunities for volunteers to help out and learn.

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GROW Garden

Grow is an urban food garden initiative based at Jubilee Community Church Centre in Observatory, Cape Town. The GROW team provides training to equip people with skills to grow vegetables at home, improve employment options, and increase food security. GROW offers community-building and volunteering opportunities for people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Die Plaas

Based in Manenberg, Die Plaas aims to contribute to social growth and coherence by growing fruits and vegetables from seeds and promoting permaculture. It raises awareness about sustainable living and encourages flourishing natural ecosystems in ways that reduce waste, prevent pollution, and improve resiliency.

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Greenpop works to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through forest restoration, urban greening, food gardening, and environmental-awareness projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2021, Greenpop launched its collaborative Family Food Gardens project to provide individuals with the training and resources to grow their food at home. Greenpop also offers volunteering opportunities, including at their Eco-Hub open days every Tuesday between 9 am and 2 pm in Woodstock, Cape Town.

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Ywaste is based in Philippi, Cape Town, and specialises in food waste management. They are on a mission to divert food waste from landfills by collecting, separating, sorting, and turning organic waste into compost. Non-organic waste is sent to recycling centres and their organic compost is used for gardening and landscaping.

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Twyg creates content, events and campaigns to promote sustainable, circular, regenerative, caring and ethical living. Their Swap&Mend happens every third Saturday of the month at Nude Foods in Cape Town and aims to keep clothes in circulation. By swapping and mending clothes, Twyg helps to reimagine fashion and put care at the heart of a new fashion system.

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Drumba Rhythm for Life is based in the Western Cape and promotes traditional drumming and rhythm-based activities. They share drumming's therapeutic benefits and ability to create positive change in individuals and communities. Drumba offers interactive educational programmes, training, leadership courses, and drum-making.

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We are partnering with more organisations to give you access to even more resources that support your wellbeing and mental health.

If you are an organisation or business offering sustainable activities, email us at to find out about collaborating.

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