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We look at the bigger picture when it comes to mental health.

Our access to food, shelter, and community support influences our mental health and wellbeing. Achieving emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing becomes challenging when faced with climate change, disease, and pressure on water and food supplies - our basic survival needs.

The Counselling Hub recognises that feeling safe and positive are important aspects of our mental health, which is why we have situated ourselves within the Wellbeing Economy - an ecosystem addressing the needs of human life holistically in a way that is not damaging to our planet or its people. 

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Your wellbeing adds to the collective wellbeing

Here's how:

Your contribution always comes back to you!

​When a person attends to their wellbeing, it benefits their community and the systems surrounding them.

Acts that contribute to a Wellbeing Economy that also benefit you:

  • Listening to a friend - when we listen to others, we help our social environment and help ourselves feel less isolated. Feeling more useful is an aspect of mental health.

  • Binning & recycling - we relieve ecological and climate anxiety by keeping our planet healthy. Instead of being helpless bystanders to disaster, we participate in our world.

  • Trading & borrowing - financial and material instability often causes stress. Instead of buying, we have less pressure on our wallets and reduce unnecessary consumption.

Are you involved in any community projects? What acts of wellbeing have positively impacted you and those around you?

Let us know by tagging us on Instagram:

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