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Welcome to the wellbeing community!
How to join

Collect your wellbeing community card at our address or download it directly onto your phone.


Contribute to the wellbeing economy by participating in various wellbeing activities around Cape Town


Get your card stamped or take a selfie of you completing the activity.

Remember to tag us on social media!


If you have participated in 10 different activities you'll be able to collect your surprise gift. 


Access to healthy food, exercise, work and community support are all factors that influence mental health, which is why we’ve formed a wellbeing community to help you attend to your psychological health in more ways than one.


This community consists of several NGO's, that are dedicated to the upliftment of South African communities and their surrounding environment. By participating; you give back to the planet, communities and yourself - helping our country thrive. We’ve provided a list below to get you started on your wellbeing journey. If you are able to participate in all 10 activities below, you’ll get a surprise gift from us. 

Care for your mental health
and your community

Attend a free yoga class

Listen to a friend

Start Recycling

Buy fresh produce at a Food garden

Cook a meal for a neighbour or friend

Buy Vintage or donate your clothes

Plant a tree or volunteer

Attend a support group or create one

Pick up litter in your neighbourhood

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Find free or affordable classes

Practise active listening 

Here's some information to get you started

Find Organisations around Cape Town

Kindness goes a long way

Find slow fashion organisations near you

Find Organisations

Find support groups

Join a community clean up project

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